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Hi!!! I am a Humanities and social sciences student who is currently experiencing severe existential crisis. Why do people call me a rebel when I question something merely because I don’t understand? How can I follow something I don’t understand? They want me to think and apply my brain in an academic environment but they do not want me to question the everyday things that I engage with on a regular basis? How can I limit my deconstruction? How can I question certain things and not others? How do I know what to question and where to draw the line? Why do they ask me not to do certain things because it’s bad? What is ‘bad’ and WHY is it ‘bad’? Is it ‘bad’ because a certain ‘somebody’ claims that it is ‘bad’ and there is this need in people to have a sense of belonging and associate themselves with that ‘somebody’?

Why do you let others define your happiness? Why do you let others draw borders for you? Why do you have to fit in? Why are you expected to be above the crowd when you are forced to do what the crowd does? Isn’t it paradoxical? How can you be both at the same time? Why do you follow something when you have no clue why? Why do you want to make someone else happy at the cost of your own happiness? Why are you thrusting things upon yourself? Have you questioned anything that you follow? Who are you? An individual? Are you sure? Doesn’t it seem more like a compilation of socially constructed ideologies? Doesn’t your entire life seem like a big farce?

I believe that learning is all about travelling and meeting different kinds of people. I believe that a person, who has a drinking problem can be a philanthropist. I believe that guys who cry can be brave. I believe that guys and girls can be best friends without falling in love. I believe that a girl who wears shorts is not asking for it. I believe that the LGBT should be proud. I believe that exams don’t evaluate how smart you are. I believe that God is not worth all the blood. I believe that I, and only I will decide who I am and who I will be.
See God in yourself and in those around you. Love you all!
HaPpY DaYs 🙂


Hi! This is Karthik, a mechanical engineer turned banker (Okay, stop judging me, already!) who didn’t really know why he did engineering and still doesn’t know what he is doing in a bank. I always had the urge to write but never really found the right words to do so. My expertise in writing is limited to English comprehensions and compositions in school! 😛

Words come to me very infrequently, but whenever they do I write them here.

With so much of experience backing me, I’m here to give it a shot. I invite everyone to be my critic (but soothing words once in a while will be highly appreciated :D).
Nandri _/\_


7 thoughts on “About us

  1. ” Very little is needed to make life happy,it is all within yourself and your way of thinking ” – The great roman emperor Marcus

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  2. Questioning everything under the sun drains one’s energy, rather trust life to give you the answers and be at peace with existence. In the process to timeless questioning we tend to ignore the beautiful blessings life sends our way


  3. Abhinaya you are a rebel because people don’t understand the need or want to understand something before blindly following it… Like hey, “I can fly. Believe it.” 😛 Your writing is wonderful and so is Karthik’s… Karthik your little intro is funny… keep it up you two.

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  4. A very passionate, interesting and intriguing intro.. And seems very contrasting narrative style between the two of you.. 😉 Looking forward to read your posts.. 🙂

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