Moving on

It’s at moments like these, when you are at your most vulnerable of states, that the words you read tug at your heartstrings, transporting you to a long forgotten place, reminding you how terribly unsuccessful you were at forgetting your past and moving on.



Dear me, Why do you seem like a stranger to me, at times? I mean, we’ve been together for 24 years now. This strangeness is exhilarating, like the first few minutes of a blind date.  But, at times, it becomes overwhelmingly exhaustive, I tell you. How am I supposed to make you happy, when I… Continue reading Stranger


Not My Cup Of Love

Love is an integral part of our daily vocabulary, yet the question “What is love?” is met with puzzled looks. What is this romantic love? Love has been overly romanticized. Some people describe love as an incomprehensible feeling that they experience, in the presence/absence of someone out of deep affection for them. Some believe in love at… Continue reading Not My Cup Of Love

Book talks

When Breath Becomes Air – Booktalks #1

After incessantly spamming people with this book recommendation, I am writing about the book here in the hope that I can reach out to a few more people and urge them to read this fantastic book. When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi is a book about life and death, and more importantly, about the meaning of the… Continue reading When Breath Becomes Air – Booktalks #1