My Way, My Stay

Our individual identity is lost along the process of social-conditioning and it’s high time we break away from social constructs and live by rationality!

Do not let anybody live your life for you. Embrace the ideas that convince you and let go of those that you find, irrational and repulsive. Dissent is good. There are several ways to love the people around you; putting up with their irrationality should not be one of them. All of us are going to die someday and on that day, I want to die with the contentment of having lived my life, the way I wanted to, instead of ending up as a compilation of socially constructed ideas. Compromising on my rationality, to fulfill the need to fit in, would be my biggest regret. I have only one life; my stay, my way.

This Post is written for the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge. The challenge has 10 tasks and this is the first one.
IBMC #01:  Phrase a Paragraph Challenge is the first one and it requires writing a paragraph of 100 words about any topic out of the ten topics that are given (check out the rule in the link).


5 thoughts on “My Way, My Stay

  1. True! It is a herculean task to escape from the urge to fit in though. A constant conscious effort is required! Good one, Abi! 🙂


  2. My way is sure the best way. We derive and drive our own principles! 🙂 That was a nice read.. 🙂

    Welcome to IBMC! I am glad you picked it up! Would love to read your takes on all the 10 challenges. 🙂

    [P.S. will be back soon to read the other posts]

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