She’s Not You


She might love me..

More than you ever did.

And shelter my tattered soul

And feed it hope.


Her eyes won’t glint

With the slightest of mischief,

To make me want to live more,

To breathe more.

Her laughter won’t resonate with me,

Like yours did.

Her fleeting glance

Won’t make me feel

The way my heart yearns to.

She won’t be imperfect

In the beautiful way you are.


She’s not you.

She can never be.


When I say

I love her,

She will look into my eyes

And feel the void in my words.

And, she will know..

That the whole of my heart

Can never be hers.


Beyond the closed doors are

 The scribbles and graffiti

You left behind.

The remnants of a past

That you will remember

 not for long.

So, go on..

Live your life

To the fullest,

As you’ve always done.


Let me pull up a chair

And grab a book.

The life is yours,

The graffiti, mine.

27 thoughts on “She’s Not You

  1. And with that last line,
    I have finished my graffiti
    In her heart..

    And now she could
    Neither open up the graffiti
    Just like me,
    Nor let life hold her
    In the infinite swirl
    Of locking up the graffiti..

    Hence she broke open
    My closed doors
    By sheer persistence
    And the faith in her heart and art..

    When she broke in,
    She tidied the mess of break up,
    And started her art,
    Which wrapped around
    The whole graffiti..

    Now my heart is open
    For what lingers inside is
    The brilliance of art of two hearts!

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  2. Wow you are good.

    Your writings bring these words to almost at the edge of being said… Have I known you? All one can say, keep writing. ☺️


  3. Thanks, Marisha. 🙂 Words come to me so infrequently but whenever they do, I post 😀 I’m glad that you liked it. Keep following the blog. ☺


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