I adore the way you caress my palm,

Pausing at intervals,

As if memorizing the lines;

The way you fixate your eyes onto me,

As you brush those loose strands,

Away from my face;

The fiery glance

That pierces right through my heart

And makes me skip a beat;

Flirtatious pecks, ever so tenderly placed,

With butterflies that flutter,

As you lean over me.

The world is a blur

Through every passionate kiss,

And as you loiter down the nape of my neck,

Like the sculptor, who feels his masterpiece.

Euphoria takes over,

As you nibble my ear and drive me crazy

With your seductive tongue,

Causing an indefinable sensation,

That I wish lingers forever.

As we lay entwined in each other’s arms,

I wish time would freeze.



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