An Incomplete Poem

I sped through the familiar avenues,

Feeling lonely, as never before;

Drowned in anguish

By a wave of nostalgia.

Echoing laughter,

Cheerful conversations of bygone days,

As apparitional whispers,

Haunted me.

Deleting playlists only seemed like a cruel joke

As I struggled to repress


That flashed by in montage.

Each agonizing minute

Felt like a decade,

Of regret

And conflicted emotions.

I long to hold her one last time,

Tell her how precious she is,

Promise to be her faithful partner, in sickness and in health

And mean it this time.

She will be nothing more than a memory,

Etched in my mind forever,

Like a footprint on wet sand;

For life gives us second chances but death, doesn’t.



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