Give me a reason to hate you


Days merge into nights

As I sit here,

With no one but myself;

Loneliness looming over the room

Like a dark rain cloud,

Making me claustrophobic.

Thoughts, so palpable,

Swirl around you

Like a tornado,

Sucking the life out of me.

No one speaks.

No one, but a voice…

My companion of late

Tells me something

That makes no sense

And all the sense in the world.

β€œYour love story was a fantasy,

Of unmade promises and false hopes.”

I let the thought linger for a while

Willing it to correct itself

But, it corrects not;

The day when you will be

A memory

And nothing more

Seems far and unreal;

To deconstruct the future

I ever so fondly built,

To wade through my life,

A life sans you,

To help me breathe again,

Give me a reason

To hate you, my love.


19 thoughts on “Give me a reason to hate you

  1. Beautiful πŸ™‚ Most of us would have searched for reasons to hate someone at one point or the other. It would have been the most difficult thing to find then πŸ™‚

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