A Scar


Time has managed to heal my wound;
It makes me tougher by the hour.
‘Bitter memories’ is all you are,
And I dare you to haunt me now.

I refuse to shed any more tears
For now, I’ve realized your unworthiness
To rule my heart or stay in my life,
Even as an acquaintance.

Don’t ever utter my name, with the lips that spoke nothing but lies,
Or surround my soul with your shadow;
For, the last place I’d want to be in
Is a thought, inside your filthy mind.

The Pounding in my heart grew louder.
I was nauseous and thrown off-balance,
As the sound of your name touched my ear buds
And sent shivers down my spine.

I’m grateful to you for opening my eyes, to
The unadulterated love, that surrounds me;
And pushing me to realize my massive strength,
To fight, without succumbing.

You brought me out of my cozy shell
Only, to rip my soul apart.
But thank you, for making me stronger;
For nothing may shake me now.

You’re an unforgettable lesson
For I learnt it, the hard way;
Memories from the past, haunting my present,
And a hideous scar, the consolation.

I wish I could turn back and erase a few chapters,
And delete your role in my plot.
But damage’s done and I’m not sorry to inform,
Your character, in my book, has died.


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